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We take a special interest in citizen engagement by under resourced groups and government accountability in challenging contexts.

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Accountability & Trust

Research to better understand the relationship between people and governments to improve citizen engagement and government accountability.

Bureaucrat Behavior

Research to demystify the black box of government decision-making and understand the role of technology in bureaucratic work.

Civic Engagement

Empirical research and work with partners to understand what supports effective citizen engagement that leads to government responsiveness.

Elections & Voting

We investigate the role of voting and elections as it relates to citizen participation, trust in government, social networks, and accountability.

Governance Innovation

Our work researching and testing novel tools and processes to design innovative governance solutions with government partners.

Open Government

We seek to understand under what conditions more open government leads to improved responsiveness and accountability for citizens.

Student Research

We support MIT graduate students conducting original field research and data collection on MIT GOV/LAB topics and themes of interest.

Past Projects