We launched the ‘Meet the Governance Innovators’ series 2022 to highlight voices at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions in public service. In the series, we speak with innovators, and designers working in the public sector, and discuss wide-ranging innovative solutions being implemented to address problems in several public service areas, including health, education, environment, and others. In our conversations, we ask critical questions about trust, accountability, governance, and the interplay between design and governance.

The series is part of MIT GOV/LAB’s Governance Innovation initiative, a sandbox for testing innovative tools and processes to design the future of governance through human-centered design, social, political, behavioral science, and technology.

We hosted the first two sessions of the speaker series over a live webinar (read the MIT News coverage here). In the first session on the fundamentals of governance innovation, we spoke with Dr. Jumoke Oduwole, Special Adviser to the President on Ease of Doing Business with the Government of Nigeria, and Ademide Adefarasin, Design Director at IDEO.org. The second session with Arvind Gupta, Head and Co-Founder of Digital India Foundation and Former CEO of MyGov India, and Fernando Ma, Design Director at La Victoria Lab, Peru, was about sustaining innovation in governments and communities. Videos of the first two sessions are available to view online.

The series will continue as a podcast. To learn about the podcast and upcoming events sign up for our newsletter and if you want to get involved, please send as an email (mitgovlab@mit.edu).