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Data for Ebola Recovery

Data on health, economic livelihoods, food security, and ebola vigilance from representative survey of Monrovia conducted in December 2014, March 2015, and June 2015. Full details, results and analysis can be found at

The December survey was conducted from December 6, 2014 to January 7, 2015 by our implementing partner, Parley, a Liberian NGO. Enumerators conducted surveys in person using handheld devices operating the Pendragon Survey Software. Follow-up surveys in March and June were conducted by phone.

The selection of respondents followed a three-stage sampling procedure. In the the first stage, 77 communities were randomly selected from all of Monrovia’s fifteen administrative wards in proportion to their population size. In the second stage, twenty households were randomly selected within each community following a random-walk procedure. Within each household, a single adult respondent was randomly selected for the survey. The response rate was 95%.

The survey covered outreach efforts, attitudes toward survivors, knowledge of Ebola symptoms and transmission paths, uptake of Ebola prevention practices, Ebola incidence histories, health outcomes, food security, economic outcomes, and social outcomes. The survey lasted about 45 minutes on average.