Based on MIT GOV/LAB’s experience in Tanzania, we developed new tools for implementing conjoint experiments in developing countries using survey software that operates offline and an app to produce conjoint profiles with images. We also published in The Political Methodologist outlining these tools and how to use them.

The first tool produces conjoint profiles in the Qualtrics offline app. There are step by step instructions and screen shots (see below) to help navigate the java script.

Sample screenshot from the tool to produce conjoint profiles.

The second tool is an app that allows researchers to produce PDFs of conjoint profiles using images to represent attribute-levels. To access the app, you need to create an email and password – it takes twenty seconds but the tool is worth it (see sample below).

Example of the second app from The Political Methodologist paper mentioned above.

We would appreciate any feedback on the tools – how they are being used, what aspects are useful, and what needs to be tweaked. Please send any comments to