Reaching the New Voter: Political Analytics for Modern Campaigns
Data Scientist, Civis Analytics
MONDAY, MARCH 13th, 2017
12:00 – 1:30pm | MIT E51-275 | 70 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA

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Description: Polling has traditionally been a major part of campaigns and advocacy work, allowing organizations to closely monitor the opinions of the public. With the decline in response rates and increase in issue diversity, organizations need improved ways to survey, contact, and engage their supporters. Novel data science tools are enabling smarter, faster moving campaigns with improvements in prediction and optimization.

Charlotte Swasey is a data scientist at Civis Analytics, on the Social Science R+D team. She was involved in the 2016 election work, ranging from predictive modeling to message testing, as well as the development of the VoteWithMe app for get out the vote efforts. Charlotte holds both a M.S. and B.S. in Political Science from MIT.

Civis Analytics is a data science technology and consulting firm, with an emphasis on social good. As an offshoot of the 2012 Obama campaign, Civis seeks to to bring the methods and expertise developed there to other campaign, advocacy, and corporate efforts.


The Data Science to Solve Social Problems series features practitioners who are applying data science techniques to real world social problems. This series aims to promote dialogue and collaboration between social scientists and data analysts / engineers working on innovative projects. For more information on speakers and to get involved, contact Soubhik Barari at