Engaged Scholarship Tools: Workbook

MIT GOV/LAB is developing tools to support engaged scholarship by practitioner-academic research teams. We’ve created a workbook that includes all our tools to date in an easily downloadable and printable format to help facilitate meetings with partners. This workbook is a living document and we welcome your feedback and experiences at mitgovlab@mit.edu.

At MIT GOV/LAB, we practice a model of engaged scholarship, which we define as a process of rigorous research that is co-created by practitioners and grounded in local problems. We think this model results in more innovative and relevant knowledge and evidence, and ensures that both academics and practitioners benefit from the research process. Furthermore, a collaborative process makes it more likely that practitioners will use the results in their day-to-day work. 

Interactive Website (under construction 👷🏽‍♀️🚧)

Our design team, including Susy Tort and Gabriela Reygadas, is hard at work making all our engaged scholarship tools into accessible and engaging interactive features. An interactive website will be available soon and we’ll let you know when its ready to beta-test with your practitioner-academic research collaborations. In the meantime, a static sneak peak of what’s to come. 

Artwork by Susy Tort and Gabriela Reygadas.